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About Culinary Science


Who we are

The Department of Culinary Science is a cross disciplinary group of scientists, chefs, foodservice operations experts, and marketing and consumer behavior experts working to better understanding our food systems and the consumers who use them.

Our Mission

The Department of Culinary Science conducts applied research, provides educational programs, developes online and in class/kitchen courses, and coordinates conferences and workshops.

Menu Research and Development integrates the disciplines of culinary arts, food science, marketing, and operational strategies to help foodservice professionals involved in R&D increase their success rate.

Our Values

The Department of Culinary Science supports the core values of the Culinary Institute of America: excellence, leadership, professionalism, ethics, and respect for diversity.

We understand that our food systems are inherently complex and dynamic, requiring multiple perspectives in order to achieve success in the eyes of the stakeholders involved in R&D.

We believe that education and integrated team development will help solve foodservice related problems and better serve business and consumer needs.

Our Vision

The Department of Culinary Science will be a leader in applied research, and provide educational programs that will help increase the success rate of Menu R&D endeavors, worldwide.

Our Advisory Committee

We are fortunate to have the shared expertise and insight from advisory committees comprised of industry leaders, cuisine experts, and world renowned scientists.

Culinary Science Advisory Council

The Culinary Science Advisory Council meets annually for an update on curriculum development and research activity. The Council reviews MRFDI research proposals to ensure that they follow proper experimental design and are scientifically sound.

  • Terry Acree, PhD, Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Cornell University
  • Charles Bamforth, PhD, Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, U.C. Davis
  • Jeannine Delwiche, PhD, Tasting Science
  • David Eisenberg, MD, Bernard Osher DIstinguished Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Joseph Hotchkiss, PhD, Director of the School of Packaging, Michigan State University
  • David Levitsky, PhD, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
  • Harold McGee, PhD, Author and Food Expert, San Francisco
  • Herb Meiselman, PhD, Sensory and Consumer Research
  • Howard Moskowitz, PhD, President Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
  • Michael Nestrud, PhD, Senior Scientist, Sensory, Ocean Spray Cranberries
  • Nadine Payne, Vice President of Innovation, McCormick for Chefs
  • Jeffrey Pilcher, PhD, Department of History, University of Toronto
  • Chris Smart, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Vassar College
  • Rudy Smith, CEC, Corporate Chef, Unilever Food Solutions
  • Ian Wesson, Director of Marketing, McCormick for Chefs
  • Jeremy Wolfe, PhD, Director of Visual Attention Lab, Brigham & Women's Hospital
  • Barry Yates, Director of Innovation, Winston Industries
  • Debra Zellner, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Montclair State University