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Students in the Ventura Foods Center

Students in the Ventura Foods Center

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The CIA Department of Culinary Science

Advancing the Culinary Arts and Sciences

The CIA Department of Culinary Science is a center for education and applied research established to foster innovation and support the foodservice industry, educators, and current and aspiring food professionals in the field of culinary arts and sciences.

The Department:

A major objective of the CIA Department of Culinary Science is to facilitate collaboration between chefs and scientists through food research and development, education, and outreach - all while advancing the understanding of ingredients, culinary techniques, food science, cuisines, consumers, and the ever-changing food industry.

The Department takes full advantage of the extensive intellectual and physical resources of the CIA at its Hyde Park, NY; St. Helena, CA (the CIA at Greystone); and San Antonio, TX campuses in its pursuit of its mission.

Menu R&D vs. the Culinary Arts and Sciences

What is the distinction between these two disciplines, and how are they related?

Menu R&D is the application of culinary science principles; it is the food research and development activities performed in support of creating new foods, menu concepts, and products for the foodservice industry. This cross-pollination of culinary arts and food science helps foodservice professionals understand consumers and deliver meals and products that meet their wants and needs.

The field of culinary arts and sciences is what The Culinary Institute of America is all about. At the very core of our mission as an educational institution are the techniques and traditions of the culinary arts. These, in turn, form the prism through which we approach the culinary sciences--the fundamental scientific principles behind food and cooking--along with a deep understanding of our customers - that are critical to advancing our collective knowledge.


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Featured Faculty

Mark Krasnow, PhD, Associate Professor - Culinary Science

Associate Professor Mark Krasnow Associate Professor Mark Krasnow, PhD, teaches several kitchen-lab courses, focusing on scientific method and the use of modern techniques and equipment in the kitchen. Students in Dr. Krasnow's courses experience product development, including sensory and flavor evaluations; discover new ingredients; and gain the critical thinking skills and science-based knowledge that will help them become food industry innovators.